When You Need a Child Injury Lawyer Near You


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Child Injury Lawyer

If your child has been injured, your first thought may not be that you need a child injury lawyer. At that point, you are only focused on your child being safe and sound. However, if disaster strikes, it is helpful to understand the scenarios in which negligence has played a role, what to do if your child has been injured, how to deal with excessive medical costs, and some of the most common situations in which you may need a child injury lawyer.

When is it appropriate to use a child injury lawyer?

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of injuries to children. While some injuries are simply bumps and bruises that young children experience every day, other injuries to children are caused by someone else’s negligence. This is when you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit.

For example, more than 200,000 children go to the emergency room each year for playground-related injuries. According to the National Safety Council, playground accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, including elevated areas without barriers, head-trapping gaps such as openings between guardrails, sharp edges, and dirt surfaces without at least 12 inches of protection from exposed concrete or other hard surfaces.

These structural hazards should not exist. If they do exist, and they cause your child to get hurt, it may be time to contact a child injury lawyer.

Meanwhile, some 8,000 children nationwide are treated in the emergency department each year for fall-related injuries. These can range from bone fractures or soft tissue injuries to serious head injuries.

Other common child injury lawsuits include accidents suffered due to negligence in daycare centers, dog bites, bicycle accidents or car accidents.

My son has been in a car accident… What now?

More than 162,000 children suffered road traffic injuries in 2021, an average of about 444 every day.

It is impossible to protect against all accidents, especially if another driver is negligent. However, parents can be a little more relaxed when they buckle their child into one of the top-rated car seats for safety. The more you prepare for the worst, the more at ease you will be when you take your child to school, the park or the grandparents’ house.

No parent wants their child to be part of the national traffic accident statistics. But if you do have an accident with your child in the car, keep a few important things in mind:

Stay safe. It is impossible to assess injuries or protect your child if you are still in the middle of the road where the accident has occurred. Pull over to assess what steps to take next.

Pay attention to all symptoms. Some lesions will be obvious, such as bruises or bleeding cuts. But others will not be so obvious to the naked eye. If your child complains of headache or back pain, even if you don’t see any external injury, go to the doctor immediately.

Evaluate your legal options. Most insurance companies pay the minimum after a car accident. Depending on the severity of your child’s injuries, it may not be enough. That’s why it can be helpful to have excellent legal support.

Liability in Child Injury Cases.

Determining liability is a critical step. It is important to recognize injuries in children who present to know how fault is established, whether in a playground accident, home or medical malpractice case, ensuring you understand the process.

Calculating Damages for Your Child’s Injury.

Compensation in child injury cases is not just about immediate medical expenses. We consider the full spectrum of damages, including long-term care, emotional trauma and the impact on your child’s future.